Fuji Xerox

Luminate by Fuji Xerox brand concept

The Brief
Fuji Xerox was opening a print centre at the Edith Cowen University, Perth. The university asked Fuji Xerox to come up with a brand concept that would separate the centre from the university's look and feel, but more student oriented than the straight Fuji Xerox brand.

The Solution
The design concept underlying the ‘Luminate’ logo converges the themes of ‘illumination’ and the sharing of thoughts and ideas through the printed medium.

The logo is conceived to reflect a growing “conversation” pointing to the spreading of knowledge and growth of ideas through university, as enhanced by the print services. This is literally yet subtlety demonstrated in the use of speech bubbles above the ‘i’ and inside the ‘a’, highlighted in yellow to suggest the ‘illumination’ of ideas through communication between parties.

The logotype is kept neat and formal, while being anything but ordinary with geometrically consistent cuts and curves throughout. The rounded corners fit into the speech bubble curve and keep the design light, friendly and approachable.

The colours chosen contain energy and social reference. The orange / yellow colour is associated with creativity, enthusiasm, fun, youth and curiosity; as well as the literal symbolism of light or illumination. The rest of the palette is made up of purple and a muted red. Purple signifies sophistication and red adventure and energy. Combined these colours exude warmth, education, youth, growth and passion to reflect the underlying theme of ideas and communication through the printed medium.

The logographic poses excellent opportunity to utilise the speech bubble shape across collateral to enhance the brand identity and themes.

A more playful font has been chosen for heading text to sit alongside the logo and across brand application. This contrasts well with the geometric perfection of the logo and adds a human depth and approachability to the overall look and feel.

My Role
Lead design

Creative concept/ branding / identity / layout